Fay established Anthony Corporation in 1987 after 13 years managing another commercial drapery firm. Before that, she worked with a drapery firm in Washington, DC that fabricated window treatments for designers & decorators.  The DC firm’s clients included government offices, embassies and residential homes thru the trade.  

C. Fay Jones,

Donna’s exposure to the window treatment business began in St. Louis, Missouri when she married Larry, Anthony’s Installation Supervisor.  She then joined his business as manager and installation assistant. Together they accomplished installations all over the country.  Prior to working with Larry, Donna worked at West Virginia University for over 30 years specializing in office management and program management.  Donna enjoys working with her husband in a family owned business, and views it as an amazing way to spend her workdays.  She is a certified beach person who’s motto is: “Don’t sweat the small stuff, life is too important.”

Donna Williford, Project Management

Stephen, our resident “foodie” was added to Anthony’s payroll while in High School in our warehouse. He traveled extensively for over 10 years doing installations all over the country.  He has learned the business from the lowest rung on the ladder to assisting in all departments.  Stephen delivers the best possible experience to our customers, under the mentorship of three generations of family – which works surprisingly well, considering.  We are just waiting for his son to get a little older to add him to the family mix.

Steven Jones,

Lucy is our resident greeter, guest announcer, and mascot.  She is a five year old Scottish Terrier that greets everyone with exuberance and tail-wagging.  She is responsible for morale, security and squirrel monitoring.  She sleeps, gets treats, walks, stalks squirrel and ensures that all meetings stay on track.  She monitors meetings by stretching and yawning as a gentle hint the meeting needs to come to an end and take her on squirrel patrol.  She is a major contributor  to the company’s morale.

Lucy Jones,
Greeter and Stress Reliever

Mike manages the daily operation of Anthony Corporation.  He is customer service, production scheduler, installation scheduling, financing and human resources.  He is the “fixer” for the whole operation.  Mike is the computer guy, money man and go-to person for problems, solutions and issues.  Whether it is employees or customer issues, Mike handles it all.  He is the guy to start with if we are not meeting your expectations, he will track down the issue and get it handled for you.  He has the gray hair to match his position responsibilities and can even handle his mother when necessary.

Mike Jones, Business Manager

Tami began her bookkeeping career right out of college, specializing in small businesses.  She is married to an entrepreneur so she understands small business accounting from a personal perspective.  She is well versed in managing the dollars while maintaining a positive, upbeat and totally focused attitude.  Tami Jo is a joyful addition to our staff and makes a solid contribution to a pleasant work environment.  She does have her own brightness setting, as reflected by her beautiful family and all she gives to everyone at Anthony Corporation.  In addition, she enjoys sailing adventures.

Tami Jo Thornton, Bookkeeper 

Larry joined Anthony Corporation in 2017.  Prior to moving to Virginia Beach, he owned a window treatment installation company in St. Louis, Missouri.  His over 30 years in the industry includes such fascinating venues as the Library of Congress, Statutory Hall, cruise ships, State Capital Building in Missouri, and the Federal Courtroom in Boston Massachusetts.  The types of treatments he has installed are as unlimited as the situations, including motorization.  Larry is a self-admitted perfectionist, as evidenced by the vast geography he has covered.  Larry is also a certified beach person and motorcyclist.

Larry Williford,
Installation Supervisor